Learning with a smile


Nature has given us the most beautiful gift, the human mind. It processes incredible information before we know it. It translates information from our senses, our emotions, our experiences, sometimes with our knowledge and sometimes sub-consciously. A child’s mind is the most curious thing on earth. It absorbs information even when the child is not able to communicate. A child draws inferences from visuals, signs, tenor, tone and maybe, even intuition.

It’s also a time to be careful of what information a child absorbs as it sets the pattern of thought and action in the growing years. At Godfather Edulabs LLP, we are constantly trying to reach out to explore ways in which a child’s mind can absorb learning. A child’s world of amusement and wonders grants immediate entry to cartoons and animation as an effective medium of information delivery.

On the other hand, society has laid out a benchmark of learning which, through existing pedagogy and research, has laid out a learning evolution based on time-based brain and skill development. We are trying to map these and help the child take the right steps that merge milestones through syllabus and a fun oriented way to absorb the same.

The cornerstones to our learning pedagogy is also passion that cheers the spirit of learning of a fearless mind, which would bear a close resemblance to a child’s unbiased mind. We derive our inspiration from ‘Where the Mind is without fear’ by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore, as well as the power of influence on ‘Ignited Minds’ by the endearing ex-President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

We owe it to our next generation, irrespective of their backgrounds, rich or poor, urban or rural, to reach knowledge to them on a platter of fun, and enable them with an equal opportunity to claim their destiny.

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