When education turns entertaining


Spare a thought for the child who does a pendulum motion between the enterprising teacher and the enthusiastic parent. Conditioning of knowledge starts early for children based on which state, country or region you are from. Thankfully the laws of physics stay the same everywhere!

They are made to get into a play school, thinking they actually get to play at school. That’s when the society-recognized-life skills are made to blossom, or so they say. Dance to music, clap if you are asked to, smile or frown at strangers, get on to the production line of students as the education system demands.

Some few schools, their teachers and their adventurous parents decidedly look away from the routine. They are few, and they are people who understand survival from life. But how many parents are willing to look away from our marks based system to a learning based life?

How many schools can afford to look at experiential learning and natural imbibing of knowledge? Can there be a system of learning that need not grade you on marks? Is creativity only about writers, artists or their kin, and not about application of creativity in every walk of life including scientific thought?

In a complicated schooling system like India where state boards grapple with central boards, English wrestles with local languages to communicate, regional greatness gets step-motherly treatment with central supremacy, how will the curriculum get a standard? It is important to understand, because whether you study in CBSE, ICSE, State Board or an international curriculum, the graduate competitive exams in class 12th will still be one all-India. Then why should your syllabus be different in different states of India?

We are looking for answers that create streams of essential learning and creative learning side by side. At Godfather Edulabs LLP, we try to take concepts and turn them into elements of interest so knowledge speaks the language the child understands. Let’s engage education in an entertaining way.

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