efundu and the art of learning with fun

It took us a couple of years and more than a couple of iterations to get it right! It took us back to the drawing board many times with fine-tuning on the go. It took us away from our comfort zones but gave us the comfort of knowing that thousands of children stand to gain from it. Young minds, across the social spectrum will have access to a wonderful way to learn their syllabus through storytelling and Syllabus Cartoons!

cover efundu

    efundu or ‘fun’ in ‘edu’ just happened with the same passionate  search one does to name their offspring! During the development  phase it was called ‘knowhow’ and its story covered in The Book  Review November 2013 issue. Later, as it evolved into efundu, it  connected all the dots for us. efundu had it all – edu, fun, e, fundu – it  had everything we wanted it to be!

 During the process we realized the challenges of teachers and how key their personal inputs are in transforming students. We salute every teacher, whose efforts build lifetime foundations for so many.

The collaborative model made it smoother and truly possible when we  got our partners together.

Content: Meghshala Foundation, led by the passionate teacher Jyothi  Thyagarajan, whose team is developing e-content for teachers.

School: Parikrma Humanity Foundation, with the caring founder Shukla Bose introducing it in her beautiful learning centres.

Distribution: Akshay Patra Foundation, which has touched millions of children with their food program, ready to take the first 8000 copies to rural & urban government schools.

CSR: Clients like Strategic Intervention India & Thomas International who pitched in to help us with some recurring costs like printing.

Many other friends and colleagues who have given us donations for hundreds of books and make it possible for us to reach it to children.

And, Biomineral Sciences, USA, for being with us throughout from concept to launch, with its founder, Dr G V Iyengar, adjunct professor Tufts University, and a highly acclaimed thought leader of capacity development.

Soon, our own foundation, Equal Indian Foundation with eminent educationists will take the work forward in more ways than one.

Godfather Edulabs LLP is full of gratitude for everyone who have made this journey possible. We have a long way to go and reach a wonderful world of learning to millions of children and nourish the beautiful minds in their quest. Thank you from efundu.guru & godedu.co!

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