Removing the block: Comics aid learning in schools

Call them comics or graphic novels, illustration with storytelling makes a wonderful tool even to teach school Syllabus. Not just history, they can be even used to explain concepts. We have done this with our first book Efundu, where we have taken Environmental Studies for Class 5 based on NCERT (National Council for Educational Research & Training), and turned it into comics, chapter by chapter! We call these Syllabus Cartoons ( with a large dose of adventure thrown in.

Eng 3

Free demo lessons are here in this flipbook:

What is the challenge? Adapting to government syllabus, adding relevant new concepts, making the content cut across boards of education in India, working with teachers and lastly, staying true to the creative instinct of writers, cartoonists & digital artists. Hey, we even added waste segregation in the food lesson!

Eng 2

Reach & Numbers? 10,000 pilot copies distributed in 2015, were followed by sales of about 5000 books in 2016. The Environmental Studies book, titled Efundu (fun in edu), is available on for private school kids in English. For underprivileged kids, it’s accessible free in government schools through our partner NGOs in a Bilingual avatar. We have wonderful collaborative models with Akshaya Patra, Akshara, Agastya, India Literacy Project, Makkala Jagriti, Hippocampus and others who have helped reach Efundu to over 1500 government schools & learning centres in the state of Karnataka, India, in 14 months.

enfold C

Impact? This year we overcame a new challenge: Language of learning, with a Bilingual touch! Insights say, teach kids in their native language to absorb better. Trends say, teach them English as it’s key for survival. So we did Bilingual books, with English & Regional language next to each other. Parikrma Foundation has given the English books to its students apart from using the Bilingual version for Teacher Training programs. The book also has Body Safety Rules for kids, given by Enfold & Deforestation story by Meghshala. After the English-Kannada EVS Syllabus Cartoon book, it’s the turn of the English-Hindi version.

bilingual 3

What’s next? As we go further on our journey to make new books and cover primary education for starters, we are hopeful to reach millions of young minds who can enjoy learning, soaking up cartoons and get a good grasp on some fundamentals!

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